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Eat healthily at christmas time

In this festive period, with cold and windy conditions outside, gloomy economic forecasts in the media and little daylight hours, it’s not really a surprise that so many people want to treat themselves.

But don’t worry, some of the food we eat at this time of year is actually very good. Take for example the brussel sprout.

Brussel sprouts along with cabbage, cauliflower and swedes form the cruciferous family. They are all rich in antioxidants and are believed to reduce the risk of lung and colon cancers.

colon and lung cancer cells

Brussel sprouts are also nutritious. Just look at the nutritional content / values of x1 cooked brussel sprout:

nutients in brussel sprouts

More information:

I have also found an amazing resource on brussel sprouts if you’d like to find out more:

  1. world’s healthiest: food brussels sprouts
  2. a website dedicated to brussel sprouts!


And because its a food blog, check out this interesting recipe for brussel sprouts:

  1. tofu and shredded brussel sprouts recipe


So next time your about to turn your nose up at the humble brussel sprout remember, it’s a wonder food.